Waldir Calmon – Feito Para Dançar Nº 1 (1953)

Santa Claus has been quite quiet the last weeks, which is not unusual a it is summer (at least the calendar says so), so I started searching for him on the most bizarre places I could think of which resulted in various failures::Instead of Santa, I met a person who did wear the typical outfit, but he turned out to be a bank robber in disguise.
On Orkut forums I had more luck: Checking out the Estação da Saudade community brought a pleasant surprise in form of the first album in the Waldir Calmon’s Feito Para Dançar series, posted by Vitor Hugo Lautenschlager, the owner of the particular community.
Anstatt wie verrueckt auf die Laute zu schlagen (die ich sowieso nicht im Hause habe) entschloss ich mich natuerlich dafuer dieses Meisterwerk hier zu posten.
Ich hoffe, zu jedermans Freude…
Die Seite A ist wie ueblich eine Nummer die aus einem Medley von mehreren Kompositionen zusammengestellt ist. Die Seite B bietet fuenf getrennte Melodien.
Свакако се надам да ће овај албум наићи на позитиван одѕив у смислу лудила на плесном подијуму, улици, трамвају или у кревету.
Укратко: Заиграјте уз следеће нумере:
Lado A:

1. Sistema Nervoso (Wilson Batista / Roberto Roberti / Arlindo Marques Júnior)
A Saudade Mata a Gente (João de Barro / Antônio Almeida)
Cada Noche Um Amor (Agustin Lara)
Cancion Del Mar (Agustin Lara)
Limelight (Charles Chaplin)
Dancing In The Dark (Howard Dietz / Arthur Schwartz)
In The Still Of The Night (Cole Porter)
Lado B:
2. Fui Longe (Eddie Mandarino)
3. Luar (Malagute)
4. Barriquinha (Edgar Cavalcanti)
5. Esquecendo o Tempo (Waldir Calmon)
6. Amigo Velho (Cristóvão de Alencar / Hélio Nascimento)
Créditos: Vitor Hugo Lautenschlager

2 thoughts on “Waldir Calmon – Feito Para Dançar Nº 1 (1953)

  1. It seems that I'm too late. I had the intention of finishing the ripping and packaging this record for you on this next weekend.
    Well, that only means that i should work harder…

  2. Thanks for your support anyway. Looks like I should simply wait for Santa Claus instead of searching for him in the future…
    By the way, I have found something that will interest you. Stay tuned for one of the next posts.


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