Chico Buarque, Odete Lara e MPB-4 – Noite dos Mascarados – Compacto (1970)

If you think that I posted this compacto by Chico Buarque just because Odete Lara is singing on both tracks, then I must confess that it is indeed the reason. Of course, my opinion of Chico Buarque as a composer is very high. His Carolina sounds perfect in all renditions by any cantora I have heard singing it, while on the other hand the rentition of his Com Açúcar e Com Afeto, but only by Waleska, is in my opinion the most erotic song ever recorded (especially for those who do not understand Portuguese and are not distracted by the text).
Anyway, if you want to listen to Odete singing on this compacto, then you will have to listen to Chico as well…
And if you want to enjoy the original paper bag with a hole in the middle then you will have to download the zip file as the cover displayed above is taken from another reality
1. Noite dos Mascarados
2. Meu Refrão


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