Geisa Celeste – Sabor a mi

Checking my friend’s blog (Trackfinder Brazil) a short time ago proved to be a good idea, as his newest post presents a singer previously completely unknown to me. Geisa Celeste – Boleros.
As it is no secret that I am delighted whenever I run into a new lady, I wasted no time to search if there is something more by her…
I managed to find another album: Sabor a mi, sung in Spanish, which I am posting now.
01. Solamente una vez
02. Malagueña
03. Babalú
04. Angelitos negros
05. Índia
06. Lejania
07. Mi dicha lejana
08. El reloj
09. Sabor a mi
10. La barca
11. Recuerdos de Ypacarai
12. Que será de ti
Créditos: ALNP

3 thoughts on “Geisa Celeste – Sabor a mi

  1. That was simply great! I had a quick search on the net and didn't find much about her and I posted the only record I had. Now thanks to you, there are two of them. I know she recorded 10 albums. At the Memória Musical, they list 6 and none of the two we have are there, so there are two more to be discovered in one of your parallel realities. Thank you very much for this second album.

  2. That's really great!
    I did a quick search on the Internet before posting that one and didn't find much. Now, thanks to you, I have two by her. I know that she recorded ten albums, but only six of them are listed on the “Memória Musical” web site and the two we have aren't on that list, which means that there are two more to be found in some of your parallel realities. Thanks a lot for posting it. Now, let's try to find the rest…


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