Otília Amorim

A cantora e atriz…
Otília Amorim has, as far as the list of her recordings at Cantoras do Brasil shows, recorded only 6 78 rpms in the period from 1931 to 1932.
All of these are probably lost or hidden, covered by a thick layer of dust, waiting on some body’s attic to be found and uncovered…
In a parallel reality, an unidentified subject has searched his attic, found two of those 78 rpms, contacted a greedy producer who waisted no time to publish them in form of a compacto duplo.
A traveller through parallel realities found the compacto duplo in a store, brought it back to his own reality and time, and has been so kind to make it available.
So I am publishing this compacto duplo as it was found by the traveller:
1. Eu Sou Feliz (J. Aimberê)
2. Nego Bamba (J. Aimberê)

3. Napoleão (Joubert de Carvalho)
4. Oia A Ganga (Artur Braga)
Creditos: The anonymous traveller through parallel realities

One thought on “Otília Amorim

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