Araci Cortes (1929 – 1925)

Here is the last (or first) volume of this series.
I am aware of the fact that lots of questions are left unanswered:
– Why was Araci’s first recording made in 1925 Serenata de Tosell left out of this 5 volumes set? Maybe because it is lost? Is there another hidden time machine station 1925?
– Who is the mysterious Carlos? Is he really a prince in exile?
– Who are Herbert and George Welles? Are they two alter egos of H.G.Welles, the author of the Time Machine? Are they twin brothers, maybe?
– Who is Jennifer Welles? Was she really married to Herbert Welles? Or (without knowing it) married to both brothers?
While meditating or googling to find out the answers these unanswered mysteries, enjoy:
01. 1929 Vâo Por Mim (Harmonia) – Com Francisco Alves
02. 1929 Zomba
03. 1929 Vamos Juntar Os Trapinhos
04. 1929 Vá cumprir O Teu Destino
05. 1929 Tu Qué Tomá Meu Home
06. 1929 Quindins de Iaiá
07. 1929 Quem Quiser Ver
08. 1929 Produto Nacional
09. 1929 Poeta do Sertão
10. 1929 O Amor Vem Quando A Gente Não Espera
11. 1929 Linda Flor (Yayá)
12. 1929 Gemer No Violão
13. 1929 Eu Não Preciso de Você
14. 1929 Baianinha
15. 1929 A Polícia Já Foi Lá Em Casa
16. 1928 Jura
17. 1928 Chora Violão
18. 1925 Petropolitana
19. 1925 A Casinha
Creditos: Jennifer Welles

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