Waleska – Na Fossa (1971)

When I downloaded from loronix and heard Waleska‘s live album Na Fossa for the first time, I was quite confident that it is the best music I have ever heard. A long time has passed since that moment, but my impression is still the same.
It is not only Waleska‘s singing, Moacyr Silva‘s saxophone and Ribamar‘s out of this world piano. It is the complete atmosphere of the evening: Enchanting, hypnotic and moving….
I have tried to find this album in a better transfer since, as the loronix version had a lot of noise and some jumps, until finally I received from José Serafim‘s private collection of carefully kept and guarded LPs an Ademar transfer as it is, without any cleaning (it was clean anyway) or track separation: As Lado A and Lado B.
So I am posting it as I have received it. The covers are the same as those in the loronx copy (perfect) as I did not want to bother José to do another scanning.

Lado A
01. AberturaMinha Noite de Fossa (Elizabeth)
02. Fim de Caso (Dolores Duran) – Molambo (Jaime Florence “Meira” / Augusto Mesquita
03. Chuvas de Verão (Fernando Lobo)
04. Noite de Paz (Dolores Duran) Solidão (Dolores Duran)
05. Pequenos Erros Meus (Rildo Hora / Gracindo Jr.)
06. Ternura Antiga (Ribamar / Dolores Duran)
Lado B
07. A Fossa (Elizabeth / Fernando César)
08. Por Você (Nonato Buzar / Sergio Bittencourt)
09. Pra Você (Silvio César)
10. Saia do Caminho (Custódio Mesquita / Evaldo Ruy)
11. Tu Vais Voltar (Ribamar / Romeo Nunes)
12. De Cigarro Em Cigarro (Luis Bonfá) – Ninguém Me Ama (Fernando Lobo / Antônio Maria)
Creditos: José Serafim / ripped by Ademar / Covers: loronix
Waleska has finally launched her new CD:
Details can be found on her official site.


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