Maria Toledo

This morning when opening comments I found one by Frank-Oliver: He informed me that Maria Helena Toledo passed away.
Here is his comment:
Hello Milan,
I just heard that Maria Toledo died on February 3, 2010.
Here is a very personal report about her life and death by Arnaldo de Souteiro on his blog:
Maria Toledo was a singer whose songs I have been searching a few years ago over the net and stumbled so upon the complete treasure of Brazilian music, previously hidden from me as well as from others all over the world.
As I have not one of her recordings that have not been released commercially or otherwise, I am posting here a post production of her rendition of Insensatez done by me some four years ago:
The Theatre Soundtrack (a Parallel Realities Studio production):
1. Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) – Arhitektura zvuka: Milan Filipović – 9:49

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