Maria Creuza – Paixão acesa (1985)

Here is Maria Creuza‘s album from 1985. found by José Serafim and ripped by Ademar. The cover should be appropriate as Maria is wearing a dress in Santa Claus’ red (without cap, fur and beard). A Santa Claus cap can be admired on Toque as it is temporary on Augusto‘s head. Suits him good, from my point of view as he has just posted another album which is on my Santa Claus list: Waldir Calmon’s Samba… Alegria do Brasil (1956).
Maria Creuza is one of those singers where it is hard to decide whether to concentrate on her beautiful voice or to admire her good looks while listening to the tracks:
01. Estrela Cadente (Cláudio Jorge / Nei Lopes)
02. Nas Sombras da Vida (Dona Ivone Lara / Delcio Carvalho)
03. Sessões de Cinema (Fernando Gama / Arthur Laranjeira)
04. Nó de Marinheiro (Rosa Passos / Fernando de Oliveira)
05. Vontade (Reginaldo Bessa)
06. Pra Esfriar a Cabeça (Luiz Carlos da Vila) – com Luiz Carlos da Vila
07. Veleiro Branco (Ruy Quaresma / Nei Lopes)
08. Só Pra Descansar (Vevé Calazans)
09. Fragmentos (Reginaldo Bessa / Delcio Carvalho)
10. Milagre de Amor (Ari de Carvalho)
11. Tua (Ivan Botticelli / Carlos Colla)
12. Maliciosa (Zé do Maranhão / Paulinho Resende / Alex)
Creditos: José Serafim / ripped by Ademar

One thought on “Maria Creuza – Paixão acesa (1985)

  1. Hello Milan,

    thank you very much for this Christmas present. Unfortunaly most
    records from the eighties have a plastic pop sound production and this Maria Creuza LP is no exception. But the two wonderful Reginaldo Bessa compositions saves this LP. Reginaldo Bessa is an underrated composer and singer from Rio. I had the pleasure to help to produce the official reissue of his classic 1963 LP “Amor en Bossa Nova” for a German reissue label and to present Reginaldo personally this CD/LP edition in Rio in 2006.


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