Zezé Gonzaga (1956)

Santa Claus does it again:
Edson Mendes sent me this rarity, never published before on the net. Here is a short text by Edson which accompanies the perfect vinyl rip and cover scans:
This is her very first 10” LP, in fact a selection of some of her previous 78 rpm’s releases at Columbia.
Zezé is considered one of the greatest Brazilian singers, a kind of singer of singers – or singer of maestros (she was the preferred one from the great Radamés Gnatalli).
Her brilliant career started at the late forties and continued until the last year, when unfortunately she died at the age of 81.
1. Nunca, jamais (Lalo Guerrero – v. Nelson Ferreira)
2. Linda flor (Ai Yoyô) (Henrique Vogeler – Luiz Peixoto – Marques Porto)
3. Uma noite na Praça Paris (Haroldo de Almeida)
4. Os “zóio” do peixe (Yvone Rabello)
5. Amando em Paris (Bruno Marnet)
6. Moreno que desejo (Bruno Marnet)
7. Depois de tantos anos (Benny Wolkoff – v. Othon Russo)
8. Arrivederci Roma (R. Rascel – Garinei – Giovannini – v. Julio Nagib)
Creditos: Santa Claus / Edson Mendes

2 thoughts on “Zezé Gonzaga (1956)

  1. Just a correction: I've made a mistake on track n. 7, the correct name of the song is “Depois de tantos anos”.



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