Alda Perdigão – Sonata do Amor Divino (1962)

When I told Edson Mendes that I liked the previous album by Alda Perdigão he sent me very much, he lost no time. This morning’s mail brought this album from 1962.
Although it is only one year difference it shows another Alda, more romantic, under artistic direction and arrangements by maestro Ruben Perez (Pocho).

  1. Tracks:
    Amor de Trapo E Farrapo (Paulo Vanzolini)
  2. Desespero (Edson Borges)
  3. Doce Amargura (Ti Guardero Nel Cuore) (Ritz Ortolani – Nino Oliviero – Versão de Nazareno de Brito)
  4. Canção da Solidão (Haroldo Barbosa – Luiz Reis)
  5. Noite Não Te Vás (Noche No Te Vayas) (Roberto Cantoral – Versão de Edson Gama)
  6. Sonata do Amor Divino (Luiz Vieira)
  7. Magoada (Hurt) (Crane – A. Jacobs – Versão de Edson Gama)
  8. Poeta Popular (Wilma Camargo)
  9. Despedida (Raul Sampaio – Benil Santos)
  10. Se Meu Amor Viesse Agora (Orlando Correia – Antonio Correia)
  11. Guarânia da Saudade(Luiz Vieira)
  12. Vem… Amor (Vem Que Te Quiero) (Arnulfo – M. Veja – Versão de A. Mazorca)

Creditos: Edson Mendes
Unfortunately my Internet connection plays strange tricks these days: runs like a snail, interrupts uploads etc, so I have to break the file in two parts to upload it successfully.
Excuse for the inconvenience.


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