Maysa – Compacto Duplo (1966)

Here is another compacto duplo by Maysa from 1966.
I would also recommend to all who love Maysa a trailer for the documentary movie Com Carinho de Maysa produced by a great artist: Thiago Mello owner of Bossa Brasileira, Bossa Filmes and several other sites dedicated to Brazilian music.
Here is the link to Com Carinho de Maysa, Thiago’s promotional site for this movie.
And here is the track list for Maysa’s compacto duplo:

  1. Tristeza
  2. Morer de Amor
  3. Ne Me Quittes Pas
  4. As Mesmas Histórias


One thought on “Maysa – Compacto Duplo (1966)

  1. Thanks a lot for that Milan!!
    Sorry bout the delay in sending you the compilation. Gonna try to do it today, it's been quite busy down here… Thanks again!!!


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