Irany Pinto – Boleros em Surdina

Violin player Irany Pinto has participated on various recordings (Elizeth Cardoso’s Retrato da Noite is my favorite) and has recorded together with his conjunto a series of recordings with the …em surdina extension: Sambas em Surdina, Tangos em Surdina, Valsas em Surdina…
His series called Boleros em Surdina counts at least 12 sequels. This is the first one.
This album was already published with a different cover about a year ago on a blog called Preludiando and it can also be accessed and downloaded from there by clicking on the link.

  1. Que Murmurem
  2. Nosotros
  3. Acercate Más
  4. Esperame en el cielo
  5. Besame Mucho
  6. Final
  7. Sonando Contigo
  8. Tres Palavras
  9. Desesperadamente
  10. Vereda Tropical
  11. Angustia
  12. Abrazami Asi

Creditos: louraug

2 thoughts on “Irany Pinto – Boleros em Surdina

  1. Hey dude! I was wondering if its possible to reupload this album. If you cant thats cool, but if you can could you let me know? thank you!


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