Carminha Mascarenhas – A noite é de Carminha (1961)

I returned from my hollidays and found some pleasant surprises…
My friend Jose Serafim (alias sharemusicnotguns) sent me two:
The first one is an “impossible to find” album by Carminha Mascarenhas, a singer that I like very much, called A noite é de Carminha, recorded in 1961. (ripped by Ademar), with complete front and back cover scans.
The second of his surprises will be posted as soon as it is ready.

  1. Canção do Olhar Amado
  2. Tarde Triste
  3. Sei
  4. Pior Pra Você
  5. Saudade
  6. Boato
  7. Enquanto a Noite Não Vem
  8. Dor de Cotovelo
  9. Chorei
  10. Saudade de Você
  11. Ciúme Teu Mal
  12. Per Omnia Saecula Saeculorum Amen

Creditos: Jose Serafim / ripped by Ademar

One thought on “Carminha Mascarenhas – A noite é de Carminha (1961)

  1. Thank you Milan, Jose and Ademar for this great record which is a real find. The LP is more Bossa Nova than expected, with 10 upbeat songs. Great is the beginning of the song by Bossa pioneer Chico Feitosa, with the arrangement using the famous “Chega de Saudade” line. This song, one of the greatest Feitosa compositions, was also recorded by Carlos Lyra on his first LP and by Feitosa himself on his Forma LP. I like also the compositions of Joao Roberto Kelly who also wrote the liner notes. I wonder who plays guitar on song two and who are the members of the conjunto.
    Perhaps one of you can find 2 LP`s I am looking for a long time now:

    “Marilia Batista Sua Personlidade…Sua Bossa” Musidisc Hi-Fi 2060

    Apresentando João Mello em ritmos do Brasil (1959) Sinter LP SLP-1772

    Thank you,



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