Ribamar (selection by Petar Novaković)

Petar Novaković is a good friend of mine from Belgrade, an eminent expert on jazz and notorious playboy, allways surrounded by beautifull ladies. He is running a radio show about contemporary jazz on Belgrade’s RADIO NOVOSTI every Wednesday 11:00 PM (Central European Time).
When he heard Ribamar at my place some time ago, he immediately asked me to burn him to CDs every single tone Ribamar ever produced with his piano.
So now he has made his selection of compositions which I am presenting to you:
Ribamar, uma seleção por Petar Novaković:

  1. Pela rua
  2. Fim de caso
  3. Nao me culpe
  4. Rio triste
  5. A noite do meu bem
  6. Segredo – Nunca
  7. Cansei de Ilusoes – Molambo
  8. Folhas mortas – Prece
  9. Foi a noite – Neste mesmo lugar
  10. Que e Que Eu Faco
  11. Una Mujer
  12. Gauchinha Bem-querer
  13. De Tanto Amor



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