Martha Mendonça – Dentro da Noite (1971)

It is always good when friends, knowing my musical taste, recommend something that I have not heard before. This time it was Jose (alias sharemusicnotguns) sending me a message that Martha Mendonça could be a singer that he believes I would enjoy listening to. Of course I downloaded the music from him and he was right. I did enjoy Martha’s voice and the record in general.
I never heard about her before, and enquiries over the net proved that, even thought she recorded six albums and lots of compactos, she is almost completely unknown (or forgotten) in Brazil, as other similar artist like Waleska, Maria Thereza etc are…
Well Martha is fantastic! I couldn’t wait for Jose to provide me with better front and back cover scans (which he generously offered to do) and I am presenting it right now.

  1. Amendoim torradinho
  2. Solidão
  3. O que tinha de ser
  4. Não me diga adeus
  5. De tanto amor
  6. Prá você
  7. Chuvas de verão
  8. Quase
  9. Baralho da vida
  10. Saudade
  11. Mensagem
  12. Perdi você
  13. Todas as ruas do mundo



Creditos: sharemusicnotguns


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