5 thoughts on “Clara Nunes – 4 Sucessos – Compacto Duplo (1974)

  1. Hi J Thyme…kind,
    I downloaded the zip. opened it,extracted and played all 4 tracks without any problems.
    I think it is maybe a problem with your computer (mac?), because some time ago I downloaded one album from your blog and I couldn't open it too. Also you wrote that somebody else complained non-stop that he could not open your files. Try it on another PC and tell me if it works.

  2. Justin, I uploade tracks 2 and 4 as two separate mp3 downloads and sent you the link in form of comment under your latest post. Anyway I am linking tracks 2 and 4 to the download at rapid. Try to download these tracks again.
    Hope this will work.


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