Ribamar – Duas Faces de Amor

This is Ribamar (e seu conjunto) on an instrumental recording from the sixties called Duas Faces de Amor
A beautiful, relaxing album, with Ribamar playing piano in a very unique way, cool, unpretentious and self confident. The last few days I have been spinning it on my player, and it turned out to be one of the discs that all people (without exception) who have heard it at my place so far have asked me to play it again and again…
Highly recommended!

  1. A noite do meu bem
  2. Segredo – Nunca
  3. Duas Contas – Do-Re-Mi
  4. Alguem como tu – Nao tem solucao
  5. Cansei de Ilusoes – Molambo
  6. Cancao de amor – Cancao da volta
  7. Nao tenho voce – Se voce se importasse
  8. Folhas mortas – Prece
  9. Ninguem me ama – Se eu moresse amanha de manha
  10. Foi a noite – Neste mesmo lugar

This album has also a different (second?) edition with another cover and name: Nosso Encontro de Amor and was posted on loronix.
Here is the link to the loronix post and download:


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