Maria Thereza – Mecha Branca (1959)

During a late night chat with Eduardo, a friend from Sao Paolo who is a great expert on brazilian music (and owner of a collection of innumerable recordings), he mentioned Maria Thereza (or Mecha Branca, an artistic name she earned because of a strain of white hair) and claimed that, knowing my musical taste, he is confident that I will like her the moment I hear her singing.
Eta dor de cotovelo music, a singer in nightclubs, unknown to me…
Irresistible challenge…
Could not wait for Eduardo to search through his collection…
I plunged into the dephts of the net first thing in the morning and despite the fact that no blog or site had nothing to offer, I had luck to find this one recording thanks to sharemusicnotguns.
Ladies and gentlemen, this recording is a total high, I can’t force myself to stop the player: it is spinning it over and over.
Thanks to Eduardo, thanks to sharemusicnotguns, here it is:
  1. Mecha Branca
  2. Trying
  3. A Noite do meu Bem
  4. Se Você Quer Ficar
  5. My Prayer
  6. Além
  7. Cry me a River
  8. Convencido do Sete Sete Nove
  9. Fui Eu
  10. Smile
  11. Se o Meu Coração
  12. FalasseSuas Mãos

4 thoughts on “Maria Thereza – Mecha Branca (1959)

  1. Милан, ја сам веома захвалан за вас да ме одведе
    тренутак радости у мојој прошлости.
    Хвала вам од срца.


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