Angela Maria – Com Amor e Com Carinho (1978)

Today is a horrifying anniversary: 10 years since the beginning of the arrogant and criminal attack upon Serbia led by the USA and all other NATO countries. The targets for the airraids were bridges, schools, hospitals, electical plants and civilians in general. In spite of the overwhelming force commiting every war crime that is possible, Serbia resisted and managed to defeat NATO groundtroops and throw them out of the country. But after 78 days of fighting, confronted with threat of a nuclear attack Serbia had to give in and let NATO forces into Old Serbia (Kosovo).
The result: Old Sebia (Kosovo) a former heaven on earth with more than 1300 medieval christian churches and monasteries is now under NATO rule hell on earth. A pollutd place for distribution of heroin from USA held Afganistan to Europe, a place with death camps where prisoners are killed and butchered by organ dealers, a place of slave trafficing and violence, ghettos and concentration camps comparable only to Guantanamo prison and Hitler’s “Arbeit macht frei” prisons for Jews.
This monstruous operation was cynically named “Merciful Angel”
I am presenting today another, completely different, angel:
Angela Maria.Com Amor E Carinho recorded 21 years before the assault: 1978
  1. Prisoneira
  2. Tango Nostalgia
  3. Amélia de Você
  4. Orgulho
  5. Choro Especial
  6. Amante Bandido
  7. Adeus, Querido
  8. A Partida
  9. Mamae
  10. Babalú
  11. Se Alguém Disser Adeus
  12. Teu Retrato
  13. Deus


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