Isaura Garcia – Isaura Garcia 1987

I enjoy listening to Isaura Garcia’s singing very much and I make no secret out of it. In 1987 an album named Documento Inedito was released and it consists of a mixture of Isaura singing and talking about her music and life (at least I suppose so, as I don’t understand portuguese very well). After a short time I found myself jumping out of the chair and running to the player to skip the talk each time a song ended…
It is easy to guess what followed: To ensure uninterrupted musical experience I removed the talk and left only the music.
Here is the result:
  1. Só louco
  2. E o mundo não se acabou
  3. Por causa de você
  4. Preciso aprender a ser só
  5. Não se esqueça de mim
  6. Falando sério / Fênix
  7. Matriz ou filial
  8. Contrasenso
  9. Tenho que ir – Se você visse
  10. Sufoco


Those who understand portuguese and want to have the original recording with the original cover can download it from umquetenha.


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